Thursday, April 17, 2014

Find Westminster Homes For Sale

Welcome to Westminster's Home For Sale and Real Estate Market portal: your single stop to find a home in Westminster Colorado. Here you can search every available home for sale in Westminster Colorado via the MLS Metrolist system.
Here are some Westminster Homes for Sale:

Westminster Colorado & Homes For Sale. Have a home to sell in Westminster Colorado? Call the Westminster Real Estate Specialists at Keller Williams Realty and the Hoffman Home Team.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Get Your Home Ready for the Spring Home Selling Season

Get your home ready for the spring selling season. Spring is here and many homeowners are considering putting their home on the market. What will make their homes stand out from others in the neighborhood? Here are a few tips on simple items that can be done to increase the appeal of the home for future buyers.
Curb Appeal The first thing a buyer sees is the front of the home. An ill-kept yard can create a negative opinion of a home. Take care of the front yard early by fertilizing with a weed prevention mix. Make sure to trim back trees and re shape bushes so the front of the home can be seen.
Here are some other suggestions include:
 - Pressure wash the driveway, front walk, outside of the home and patio. Repair/mud jack cracked concrete especially if the concrete has heaved or moved.
 - Add colorful flowers near the front door
 - Clean the windows inside and out
 - If you have mulch, re fluff it and add some new mulch to get a boost to the color.
 - Clean and re paint the front door. Buyers often linger in front of the door and it's the first impression of the home.
 - Clean the roof and gutters.
Interior Touches
Make the interior of the home seem light and airy by doing some simple touches throughout the home. Clean the drapes, linens and blinds. Open the windows during an open house and turn on lights. Make it bright. Polish floors and clean all carpets. Add light colors throughout the home with towels, throws and pillows.
Take a look at your furniture and closets. Eliminate some of the clutter in a home to give the impression of extra space. Take a look at your closets and reduce the amount of items in it. Put extra items in storage or donate unneeded items. Having only a few items in a closet makes it appear much larger. In the kitchen, reduce the counter space clutter by putting unused appliances away. Clean off the refrigerator. Also organize your garage and basement. If you do have to use your basement for storage, make sure that the items are organized and in boxes. Organized items make a space look bigger than just having items all over the place. Remember less is more.
Doing a few upgrades around the home before putting it out on the market could add extra dollars and generate more interest in the home. Kitchen and baths are the areas to look at. Upgrading appliances in the kitchen such as the refrigerator or stove can add extra appeal to a kitchen. Matching appliances are more appealing. Take a look at your faucets, if they are more than 10 years old, you might want to update them. Repairing and restoring finishes throughout the home or purchasing higher quality finishes can make a big difference as well. Adding new door handles to kitchen cabinets is another inexpensive option to update a kitchen.
Pre-Inspection Repairs
Getting a pre inspection done by a licensed home inspector can give you an idea of what the buyer will find. Any deferred maintenance needs to be addressed. Some of the common repairs that I see are broken window seals, leaking toilets or sinks, outdated electrical wiring, peeling paint. Make sure to service your air conditioner, water heater and furnace. Have these items cleaned and certified. If the tech requires a repair, fix it now because it will come up again in the buyer's inspection.
Backyard Updates
Just as your front yard makes a big impression to potential buyers as they drive by your home, the back yard is also an important area that many consider an additional entertaining space. Get rid of any piles of wood. Weed any rock bed areas. If you have a garden, tidy it up by removing weeds. Remove extra clutter in the backyard and replace any outdated or damaged toys & furniture. Also, make sure to paint your deck if needed and repair any cracked concrete. You can stage the backyard to show the entertaining capabilities of it by having yard furniture placed about.
Do Your Research The single most important factor in selling a home is price. When pricing your home for potential buyers, it is important to do your research. The Hoffman Home Team will provide a detailed real estate market report to show what the most current homes have sold. You want to know the pricing of other homes and/or recent sales in your neighborhood. Find out the recent features or upgrades that are being showcased in these homes to see how your home compares. You need to know what is going on in your specific neighborhood.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Search All Homes for Sale in Thornton

Search for all Homes for sale in Thornton Colorado. Welcome to Thornton's Home For Sale and Real Estate Market portal: your single stop to find a home in Thornton Colorado. Here you can search every available home for sale in Thornton Colorado via the MLS Metrolist system.

Here are some Thornton Homes for Sale:

Thornton Colorado & Homes For Sale. Have a home to sell in Thornton Colorado? Call the Thornton Real Estate Specialists at Keller Williams Realty and the Hoffman Home Team. Heidi Hoffman 303-949-9770

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

First Time Home Seller?

Are you ready to sell your first home and you don't know where to begin?

Contact the Hoffman Home Team and find out what we will offer to sell your home in the least amount of time, for the highest price possible and with the least amount of hassle.

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Hoffman Home Team Just Sold Another Home

The Hoffman Home Team just sold another home in Englewood.  The Englewood Home was located at 4387 S Huron St was a previous foreclosure home.  The home was in need of much repair inside and outside of the home.  The new home owner gutted the home.  The home was completely remodeled with new kitchen, new baths, new carpet, new interior and exterior paint, new deck, refinished hardwood floors, new carpet, all new appliances and fixtures, and new landscaping.  There was also some electrical, plumbing and heating repairs done as well. You name it, it was done on this home.

 The surrounding neighbors were very pleased with the new curb appeal as well as the new improvements inside the home.  This home sold for $320,000.  So needless to say the neighbors are very pleased with the increase in home value that this has brought to their neighborhood. Check out this Englewood Real Estate Market Report.

If you have a vacant home or abandoned home in your neighborhood, or you know that you have a neighbor that is struggling, let the Hoffman Home Team know about it. We are here to help homeowners in any situation that they are facing and aren't sure what to do. We work with a group of investors that love to take challenging homes and bring them back to life for the neighborhood.

More Englewood Homes for sale can be viewed here. For more information on selling a home, check out our Seller Resources page on our web site.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Real Estate Market Results for January 2014

Real Estate Market Results for January 2014.

2014 has started off with a new record set for market inventory. The active housing inventory level for January 2014 decreased down to 4,592 for detached residential units and 1,116 attached residential units. When a significant reduction in inventory occurs within a market, typically upwards pressure on pricing is noted and multiple offer situations begin to arise.

January 2014 was no exception to this common occurrence. Average sold prices were up by double digits in both detached and attached dwellings, to $336,375 or 11.4% and $195,366 or 14.4% respectively for the Denver Metro Area.

Here are the highlights for January 2014 for the Denver Metro Area:

Detached Residential active 4,592 units, down -21.3% form January 2013.
Attached Residential active 1,166 units, down -7.5% from January 2013.

Detached Residential under contract up 31.3% from December 2013.
Attached Residential under contract up 54.0% from December 2013.

Detached Residential MSI sits at 2.6 months, up 2.7% from January 2013.
Attached Residential MSI sits at 2.0 months, down -3.2% from January 2013.

So how do you think your neighborhood is doing? Get your Free Real Estate Market Report  for Your specific neighborhood by adding your zip code to the link. Call the Hoffman Home Team with any questions.

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Real Estate Selling Professional

Hire a professional to sell your home. The real estate market in the Denver Metro area is improving month over month while the inventory is still low. Hire a professional that knows what is going on in the real estate market. We offer a Free Market Report specific to Your Neighborhood.

The Hoffman Home Team was established on one basic belief: that our job isn't work with brick and mortar and pieces of land, but with people who buy and sell their homes through us. But first, last, and always, people.

Our philosophy hasn't changed. We believe that our success is based entirely upon our ability to satisfy people's real estate needs. We listen to what you want and need.

Real estate is our passion. It is what makes us get up and going each morning. We make every effort to ensure you & your family is confident and comfortable throughout the home selling or buying process.

We definitely understand that real estate is a family business. It is all about helping our clients. We are here to help whatever the situation. Hire a real estate professional that will work for you and your specific needs. Call us today!

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